What is it?

“Basic Questions” is a six-week message series and discussion curriculum for those who have doubts and those who know people who have doubts.  A number of videos, and other resources are available to you during this 6-week series and beyond.

Room for Doubt is happening in 4 different yet complimentary spheres.  It is our hope that you will utilize all four to help you discover there is room for doubt while still pursing faith.

Sunday Morning Messages

Join us on Sundays (Aug 25-Oct 6) at 9 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. and enjoy a different message each week.  These messages will kick start a conversation regarding a common question.

  • Is Doubt Always Bad? | Aug 25
  • Does God Really Exist? | Sept 1
  • Is the Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes? | Sep 8
  • Why Do Christians Say that Jesus is God’s Son? | Sep 15
  • Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering? | Sep 22
  • Is It Intolerant to Say that Jesus is the Only Way? | Sep 29
  • Final wrap up session with Dr. Knopp, Lincoln Christian University | Oct 6

Weekly Life Group

After Sunday’s message you will probably want to continue the discussion.  Life Groups are a great way to do so.  Our Life Groups meet weekly, on different nights of the week.  Contact our church office (219-696-7591 or lcoc@lcoc-online.org) to find a group that fits your needs and schedule.  Life Groups are also a great way to get connected to our church family.  Most of our Life Groups meet in homes and share a meal together, in addition to discussing and studying the weekly message.

Community Q & A | Oct 5

At the conclusion of our 6 week series, Dr. Richard Knopp will return to host a community Q & A.  As we near Oct 5, we will post an avenue for you to ask questions to be part of a question bank for our Q & A.  Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendar for the evening of October 5.  You won’t want to miss this.

Room for Doubt App

The Room for Doubt app is a convenient resource to help anyone with questions and doubts about the Christian faith. You can quickly search topics, watch videos, read articles, and easily share with others.  Take it wherever you go and use it in your conversations.  The “App” refers to the Web App (for browsers), the iOS App, and the Android App. All three look and function the same.

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